“I Love My Police”

“I Love My Police”

“I love my police” – students in Rustavi must write topics with such a title before the end of November. “This assignment was given via Internet from Rustavi Resource Center. All classes are involved, though we do not force the children. It’s up to their wish whether they write them. You know children generally find it hard to write topics. Pupils of lower school are making drawings on this topic. We will take their drawings and pieces of writings to our Resource Center” – said Elene Narimanidze- civil education teacher of Rustavi #1 school. 

Nobody knows by what kind of prize the best topic writer will be awarded.  

“I nether personally love nor hate the police. Generally, it would be better to assign us to write about the police. Now when we are charged to write an article with a headline “I Love My Police”, what on earth have I to write? In fact, I do not love my police, do I?!”- this is a comment of 11th grade student Lado, who will not supposedly write this topic. But his classmate explains us that the best topic writer may be freed from attestation exams: “they say so. If it is reality, I will write about the police as the eighth wonder of the world”.  

The information about the attestation exams is not confirmed by the head of Rustavi #11 school. “This is an ordinary comparison testing, and the winner will perhaps be awarded by a certificate. Our school children know our police well. We also took them to show round the new administrative office. They saw how the arms were disassembled and assembled. So, they have their own opinion about the police” – said Giorgy Shekiladze – headmaster of #11 school. 

In private talks, parents and teachers say that nobody knows just which department handed out the assignment about writing the topic with a title “I love my police”.  

Presumably, the winner competition topic will become one more PR matter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.