Ministry of Internal Affairs Demands on  Replacing  Car Windows, but Saakashvili is Buying New Cars Himself

Ministry of Internal Affairs Demands on Replacing Car Windows, but Saakashvili is Buying New Cars Himself

Georgian authority has a celebratory week of cars. First, it was obsessed with safety belts, then about glass tinting of the vehicle, but now it got in the mood of electric cars. Car owners expect the latest news every day. 

According to the statement related to tinted windows of vehicle, spread by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, laws of window tint are being changed. The law are being changed but there is no more time left for organizing cars, because the law will come into force already from tomorrow’s time. 

According to new standards of glass tinting, tint of front windshield is not allowed, front side windows are allowed to be tinted up to 40 percent and back side windows up to 75 percent. There are no restrictions imposed on darkening rear windshields.

The violation of the above mentioned rules, which will be put in force from 10 November, will be subject to the fine of car owners in the amount of 50 GEL. It means that in the nearest some days the market price of glass tinting will still remain high. Now, such service costs from 80 up to 200 laris.

While the MIA was thinking only about car windows, President of the country suffered thinking about arranging vehicles and as always, it stroke him a “brilliant” idea. The point is to import electric cars in Georgia. It turns out that it refers to the governmental vehicle first. 

“Number of Georgian governmental vehicle will be reduced minimum up to three times and 100% of vehicle will be replaced by electric cars”, - said Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili while meeting with the students of “Free University”.  

In his words, Georgia buys fuel and every day pays for people who occupy 20% territories of Georgia. Besides, in President’s words, in Georgia, power energy is two times cheaper and the country can decrease the expenses with it.  

“We say today that we have an inadequate trade balance. It is so because fuel export is made in Georgia. It gives us a chance to develop new technologies. Our government is conducting talks with various companies in the world. We want our vehicle to be reduced minimum by 30%. Vehicles of not only deputies Ministers but also the police, fire service and everything should be replaced by electric cars. The point of the principle is: we buy fuel and every day we pay from our own money for those people who occupy 20% territories of Georgia”, - said Mikheil Saakashvili. 

Such a “brilliant” idea does not only belong to President. According to the tradition established recently, the initiative has two movers: Kobalia and Saakashvili.  

Moreover, Georgian government is carrying negotiations with auto giant “General Motors” about replacement of vehicle with electric cars. The authoritative newspaper “New York Times” reads based on the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development that in the nearest four years, Tbilisi will try to replace automobiles with electric or hybrid cars.  

Vera Kobalia says with “New York Times” that Georgia has cheap hydro electric supplies, that is why it can become a global laboratory of electric cars. According to the publication, it is spoken about purchasing 4 thousand cars from “General Motors”. 4 thousand Sedans will cost Georgia 167 million dollars. 

“General Motors” confirmed the “New York Times” the fact of carrying talks with Tbilisi. However, on this stage, producing of electric cars in the USA is focused on. 

Even an ordinary car owner can guess that Saakashvili and Kobalia have apparently scanty information about the car industry and its tendencies, but it is desirable for these people to have a little better advisers than they have now. It’s elementary that they should be provided with the information yet that production of electric and hybrid cars is only still on experimental level and even such giants of mechanical engineering as Japan and America can not dare offer massively such kinds of cars to consumers.